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End-To-End Research Management For The Buy-Side

Research Management

Integrate MiFID II across your investment process and reduce the risk of inducements

Who It Helps

Front Office
A non-intrusive front-office approach to preventing inducement, tracking consumption and valuation
Compliance Teams
Track & understand interactions in-house, prevents inducement and ensure compliance across all channels
Senior Management
Gain a clear perspective on the cost and value of research, maximise your investors’ value from research and reduce the risk of regulatory interventions

How It Helps


Achieve Greater Visibility And Control Of Research Consumption


Get A Clear Perspective On Research Value


Simplify Budgeting, Attribution & Allocation

Front-to-Back Office

End-To-End Research Management


Manage Inducement 1
Control access to research across all channels - email, voice, chat and events - and reduce the risk of inducement. Quickly identify and block unsolicited research.
Track Consumption 2
Monitor research consumption, engagement, rating and value metrics by PM, analyst, trader, fund and research source and gain a clear perspective on research value. Access full consumption and valuation metrics, such as ratings and read time, and tracks contributions from hard and soft budgets.
Categorization 3
Intelligently distinguish analysis from content of minor non-monetary benefits.
Value Research 4
Quantify and qualify the value of your written and interactions-based research, and assess the quality of broker services. Capture insights, understand usage across the organisation, identify which content is adding value to the investment process.
Broker Voting 5
Leverage detailed consumption and valuation metrics to streamline broker voting based on the quality of broker services.
Advanced Budgeting 6
Prevent cross-subsidization by accurately attributing and allocating budgets at the individual, fund, strategy or firm level. Forecast and manage budgets in real-time, tracking contributions from hard and soft budgets, with alerting to ensure budgetary thresholds are maintained.
Automated Reporting 7
Ensure oversight and corporate governance controls with instant access to a full suite of exceptions-based reporting.
Seamless Integration 8
Reduce the complexity and cost of compliance with flexible integration across third-party and in-house systems.

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