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Red Deer Core

Red Deer combines real-time market and alternative data, news, in-depth research, powerful analytics, workflow and communications tools in one integrated platform.

Who It Helps

Save time, stay alerted in fast moving markets, collaborate, uncover unique insights and optimize your process to enhance performance
Senior Management
Increase productivity, manage data costs, turn collaboration into a real business advantage and embed transparency and compliance across your firm’s process

How It Helps


Aggregate and access all the data & events that matters for your portfolio, from multiple sources, in one user-friendly view


Connect and contextualise all the information you need to make better-informed investment decisions


Reduce ‘noise’ and intelligently surface the data you need to know, when you need to know it, presented with context and analysis


Generate customisable smart alerts and Watch Lists to stay on top of it all


Enhance performance and uncover alpha with unique insights tailored to your investment universe


Data-Driven Decisions 1
Access real-time in-depth data, research, news and coverage of markets and securities across asset classes, tailored to your portfolio, and delivered to your desktop or mobile device. Combine with unique proprietary data sets in one user-friendly view to quickly identify and understand market drivers and potential risk exposures.
Save Time, Miss Nothing 2
Draw deeper insights with Red Deer’s intelligent surfacing and search engines to seamlessly surface the information that is important to you, your portfolio and process. Drill-down to explore and discover additional content to aid better decision-making.
Analyze & Optimize Your Portfolio 3
Leverage Red Deer’s powerful analytics to analyse and visualize the characteristics of your portfolio, construct dynamic universes, test and analyse performance to track performance, identify opportunities and understand exposures.
Lightbulb Moments 4
Red Deer displays the factors around a data point critical to you and intelligently includes new and alternative data sources to deliver new perspective. Make intelligent connections across multiple sources of data and convert unique insights into idea generation and actionable intelligence to improve performance and generate alpha.
Know First. Act Faster 5
Get real-time alerts, stay ahead of unfolding events and quickly assess market opportunities and risks with customized alerting direct to your desktop or mobile device.
Let People In on It 6
Optimize your workflow, collaborate effortlessly with colleagues and share relevant insights into each other’s portfolios and research.
A Better Experience 7
Navigate, consume and customise content with ease, using Red Deer’s intuitive and rich user interface.
Insight on the Move 8
Get greater value from your commute, be well informed before a client meeting and never miss a beat with instant access to all your investment research and calendar events on your mobile device.

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