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Maximise Your Edge With Analytics & Active Enhancement

Behavioural Analytics

Taking an end-to-end approach that combines technology, manager profiling and in-depth data and trade analysis, we help active managers examine, refine and strengthen their investment process to enhance overall performance.

Who It Helps

Traders & Portfolio Managers
Identify biases, understand your process, increase discipline and improve performance with contextualized goals and recommendations
CIOs & Heads Of Desks
Use tailored insight, clear metrics and an in-depth understanding of your teams’ skills, biases and performance drivers to actively improve team performance and maximize investment returns

How It Helps


Understand your skill-sets and performance drivers to deliver high-returns and ensure a repeatable, disciplined and accurate process


Increase visibility and accountability, understand portfolio and manager attribution, enhance operational efficiencies and optimize performance across your teams


Reduce risk and consistently improve returns across portfolios


Tailored To Your Process 1
Behavioural Analytics starts with an initial consultation and discovery session to document and build a custom manager profile based on style, approach and previous trade history to serve as a basis for improvement.
Data-Driven Analysis 2
Data examination is conducted across the entire portfolio history to capture insights and better understand performance and manager attribution, as well as algorithmically identify the origins of systematic loss.
Insight & Context 3
Mechanisms and patterns of trading losses are isolated and pin-pointed in areas such as trade sizing, portfolio-level risk exposure, averaging down and reluctance to cut positions to help identify areas of behavioural biases and technical inefficiencies.
Process Enhancement 4
Tailored recommendations, based on comprehensive back-testing are generated to adjust trading processes and spotlight how capital should be best utilised.
Actionable & Integrated Goals 5
Specific time-based, contextualised and individualised goals and recommendations are delivered via real-time alerting and integration with the trade ticket to ensure robust improvements to the investment process.
Report & Monitor Success 6
Continuously review, monitor and refine results and improvements via a reporting dashboard. Test in sample (historic data) and out of sample (Trade/PM is aware but not following the new process) to demonstrate efficacy.

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